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The Living Room Series First Event of 2018!

Can you believe it's already the end of January?  Am I the only one that feels like time is flying by?

Last week wore me down (lots of fun projects coming up!), but it was also extremely rewarding. 


The Living Room Series had its first mini series event in Vancouver for 2018.  What is the Living Room Series you ask?  It's inspired by 18th century French salons where a cross-section of society would gather to discuss ideas and share their passion for music and arts. 

Through our events, we aim to gather people with different lives, backgrounds and stories to expand everyone's perspective and build a community through music, art, and words.  In the peak of the digital age, it's so easy to get got up in the online world.  We aim to bring back the days where substantive ideas are discussed in person and where music and art are expressed in its purest form without the cacophony of background noise.

living room series vancouver non-profit community event

Last week, we gathered at the cozy and intimate Work Place to talk about the topic of identity.  As the Vancouver chapter leaders, we had a list of prompt questions in case the conversation stalled or those in attendance needed a little bit of support in sustaining the conversation.  The best part though?  We didn't have to use a single one of them.  Those in attendance created their own conversation, and posed questions they were curious about.

When I think about why we started the Living Room Series in the first place, it was meant to be a safe space for the curious to connect.  It's a place to meet new people and engage in intentional conversation around topics you may not get the opportunity to dive into in day-to-day conversation.

As magical as the event was, we want to keep the energy and momentum going!  We are hoping to host our next mini series with an intimate group of 15 people mid March.  Make sure you stay tuned, because we've got another great topic coming at you!

Until next time,

XO Natasha