Clearwater Events & Weddings


Our 2019 Commitment

Credit:  Less Stuff, More Meaning .  Doodle by  Fog & Co .

As you may or may not know, the foundational values for Clearwater have always been about building community and fostering moments of connection. That still stands, but we haven’t necessarily shared the other driving force of the business.

Events are known for creating a lot of waste: food, florals, decor, printing, etc. When you think about the number of events that are happening per day, the amount of “stuff” that we’re throwing away as a society really starts to do a number.

We promise you can still have the pretty, and you can do it while also doing good to the planet.

SO, in 2019, we are jumping in with both feet. We want to focus on the socially conscious side of what we do.

We love supporting local.

We’re passionate about reducing our impact on the planet.

We want to partner with other organizations that feel the same way.

We want to be a resource and support system for others that believe in the vision.

If you have an event coming up, want to do good while also creating a RAD experience for your guests, please reach out. We would love to help you make that happen!

If you’re a vendor that has a similar values alignment, we would love to hear from you - we’re always looking to make the best recommendations to our clients!

If you have any questions about what ethical sustainable events are, what they could look like, let us know! We’re going to be sharing more content on the topic and would love some input on what you’d like to know more about.

Credit:  Less Stuff, More Meaning . Doodle by  Fog & Co .